The reluctant healer

A miracle is a profound manifestation of God. People pray for a miracle in moments when human intervention will not suffice. People hold on to a miracle because it is the closest divine experience they can have.

Fr. Gerard Deveza, a healing priest who founded the mission school Divine Healer Academy of Sorsogon, always encounters people praying for a miracle. He has the gift of healing the sick but he remains a humble servant.

“I don’t heal. It is God who heals. I am just a vessel,” he says.

Fr. Gerard, then a Sorsogon-based priest, started to discover his gift on Feb. 25, 1991. On that day, a healing priest from Manila was supposed to conduct a healing session in Sorsogon. However, his plane did not land in Legazpi due to inclement weather. 
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Sorsogon blessings

Sorsogon’s blessings

“Some places are blessed by God in a superlative way.

” Tucked away in an enclave in Sorsogon City is a paradisiacal boutique hotel called Siama, owned by charming couple, furniture designer Milo Naval and his lovely wife Kathy. The 30-room hotel is lush and invigorating and the cuisine here is to die for. Nestled in a grove of coconuts in Sitio San Lorenzo, Bibincahan, Sorsogon City, Siama is waiting to be discovered, to be experienced, to be explored. You step into this paradise and you leave the noise and rush of city living behind as you meet the laidback elegance of the hotel. Designed to make the guests feel the comfort of home, this unique haven is truly breathtaking and world-class.  

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Sharing the love

The Samsung Hall of SM Aura was filled to the rafters with generous hearts who came in full force to show their support for the students of the Divine Healer Academy of Sorsogon. Father Gerard Deveza, a compassionate healing priest and founder of the mission school, now on its 14th year, expressed his loving gratitude to all who came to this thanksgiving concert.

“The love you shared has allowed these children to complete their education year after year,” Fr. Gerard said.”

Several talented students of the Divine Healer Academy came all the way from Sorsogon to personally pay tribute to the benefactors who have supported them since Kindergarten. They came well prepared to open the show with a doxology, their unique rendition of The Lord’s Prayer, a beautiful prayer dance that moved the audience to prayerful tears of joy and wonder.

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A fruitful journey

The Divine Healer Academy of Sorsogon held its seventh Closing Exercises last March 22, on Holy Tuesday morning. It all began with a thanksgiving Mass celebrated by the school chaplain Fr. Nestor Benavides and the loving school founder Fr. Gerard Deveza, who is fondly called Tatay by the students.

All throughout the jubilant double celebration, which included the Grade 6 graduation rites plus the completion ceremony of the Grade 10 students, Father Gerard was aglow with sheer pride for his beloved children as they received their diplomas, completion certificates, medals and awards.

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How far can your P50 go?

Some people derive their ultimate joy in helping others. They obtain a certain kind of high by making sure that kindness rules their world. Take for instance Fr. Gerard Deveza.
Fr. Gerard is a self-effacing healing priest. More than healing people’s sickness — both physical and emotional — he ventures into healing their dreams. Of late, he aids in healing the lives of children from imminent destitution by providing them education.
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For love of Sorsogon

The very first time we met furniture designer Milo Naval in 2009, we knew he was special. After one afternoon of browsing through his brilliant designs at OMO, his furniture showroom at LRI Building on Reposo St., Makati City, there was so much more he wanted to share with us. He had just arrived from the beautiful province of Sorsogon when he met up with us and with infectious excitement, he invited us to sit at his table.
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The Fruit of Kindness

The fourth year high school graduates of the Divine Healer Academy of Sorsogon — clad in their pure white togas over their blue plaid school uniforms and gleaming black shoes — marched into the multi-purpose hall beaming with pride and gratitude on their graduation dayIt was a moment of jubilation for all their parents, teachers, benefactors, Sister Servants of the Divine Healer and most of all the school’s founder, Father Gerard Deveza.
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People of the Year 2014 awardee Fr. Gerard Deveza: ‘Kind, generous souls are found everywhere’

Fr. Gerard Deveza’s heart was filled with gratitude when he entered the ballroom of Raffles and Fairmont Makati on Jan. 21 to receive his award as one of the 14 People of the Year given by the prestigious People Asia magazine.

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PNoy graces People Asia’s People of the Year awards

People Asia Magazine feats its People of the Year awardees at the Raffles Hotel in Makati on Tuesday.

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In search of Filipino Icons

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‘We care, we share’

  It was a euphoric night that began quietly at first with a solemn thanksgiving Mass celebrated by Fr. Gerard Deveza at the Manila Polo Club in Makati City. The priest celebrated the Mass with gratitude in his heart for the generous benefactors of the Divine Healer Academy, a mission school in Cabid-an, Sorsogon that he founded for underprivileged and deserving students. The school is now on its 10th year.

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Why Sorsogon?

When our hearts led us to supporting the Divine Healer Academy, a mission school in Cabid-an Sorsogon, many people asked us: “Why is your school in Sorsogon?”

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Mga Christmas tree, itinayo sa iba’t-ibang parte ng Maynila

Kumikislap na ang iba’t ibang pailaw ng mga syudad sa Kamaynilaan. Maaga naman ang Pasko para sa mga batang may kanser. Nagpa-Patrol, Mario Dumaual. TV Patrol, Nobyembre 29, 2012, Huwebes

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‘Puno ng Pangarap’

I am a determined believer that the kindness of people builds dreams. When people gather to help, it is an assurance that one’s dream is being engineered.

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Hotel-hopping to ring in the holidays

The Christmas spirit has finally hit me with so many tree-lighting festivities and charity bazaars in different hotels. After checking out the options for ornaments and color schemes, I have decided to make Paris as the theme of our décor.

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Art with Heart

Cebuanos always claim, with a straight face it may be added, that they are intelligent voters. This is the reason why, they point out, Gloria Arroyo won in Cebu and not Fernando Poe. This is also the reason why there is no such thing as a Cebuano vote, even for a Cebuano.

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School Children create Christmas trees for a cause

This holiday season, little hands will be busy building huge Christmas trees as part of Dusit Thani Manila’s annual Christmas Tree Project. Using recycled materials, children from nine elementary schools will have a month to prepare their 10-ft-tall trees.

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