How You Can Help


Share your talent / time with the kids at the school

You can stay for a weekend or more to teach the kids. Do get in touch with us and tell us how much time you would like to share and other details so we could help you make a difference.



How far can your P50 go?

P50 may just be “barya” to others. But can you imagine what it would amount to if, say, a million kind souls gave P50 each to this cause? That P50, to the poor children of Cabid-an, Sorsogon, is their ticket to dreamland, to a place where they are assured that they have a fair chance to dream bigger for themselves and for their loved ones.



Feeding Program

The organization’s feeding program is done in conjunction with its educational program. Thus, the meals are prepared by the same HSFI beneficiaries for the benefit of the students enrolled in the education program. And every Sunday, we have catechetical program where we invite children from nearby barangays and teach them catechism, after which we feed them.



Gather your books

You can make a big difference in the lives of kids who are in need for some books.