Programs and Projects

Livelihood Program

The organization believes that a person’s dignity lies in his or her ability to earn a living. Instead of a dole out, the program aims to uplift the human spirit by giving the beneficiary a chance to work for a living and feed himself/herself and his or her family/dependents. HSFI have started a poultry & piggery program and other simple livelihood programs like dressmaking,selling food such as pili candies and offering services such as haircut and manicure.


Feeding Program

The organization’s feeding program is done in conjunction with its educational program. Thus, the meals are prepared by the same HSFI beneficiaries for the benefit of the students enrolled in the education program. And every Sunday, we have catechetical program where we invite children from nearby barangays and teach them catechism, after which we feed them.


Housing Program

The initial batch of beneficiaries are those identified as “poorest of the poor” based on the parameters agreed/information supplied by the provincial government. HSFI has acquired land for housing – located beside the livelihood development. So far, we have built 24 housing units for 24 families and together with the housing project we have implemented livelihood programs.


Spiritual Program

All the programs will be underpinned by spiritual formation program to be given by competent people who holds catechetical instruction classes for both children enrolled in the HSFI school as well as their parents.